Nursing careers

BMC is a Magnet®-recognized hospital. Join us and see why!

To be a BMC nurse is to be among the best

As a BMC nurse, you are vital to our mission, to advancing professional practice, and to delivering evidence-based care to the patients, families, and communities we serve.

We are leaders in creating innovative models of care, from our Preventive Food Pantry to our sustainability efforts that make us the greenest hospital in Boston to our treatment programs for addiction. We are also New England’s largest safety net hospital and the 10th busiest emergency department in the country.

“It’s very important that nurses have a say in how they practice and how they take care of patients. At BMC, we take care of our nurses. They have a voice in their practice here.”

Featured nursing areas

Each nursing area at BMC is unique, but our nurses share a common commitment to delivering exceptional and equitable care to all. Whether you’re a CNA, newly licensed RN, care manager, or experienced acute care nurse, you will be surrounded by compassionate colleagues equally dedicated to our mission. Explore our nursing areas to find the best fit.

Nurses are an integral part of our clinical solutions

At BMC, you can bring your clinical skills and expertise and apply them to so much more of a broad need. You will have the opportunity to bring your highest self to a group of nurses, patients, and community that goes above and beyond every single day

BMC has revitalized my dedication to this profession. They are the only hospital that totally advocates holistic and exceptional care for the patients and their families, while showing respect and advocating for their staff.

Sheri, Labor and Delivery

Early career development

New grad residency program for nurses

Scholarships available to assist the nurse in pursuing higher education or taking classes related to nursing, to further achievement of professional goals

Scholarschip availability

Up to $5,000 tuition reimbursement available for courses taken outside the institution, or for the pursuit of advanced degrees in the healthcare arena

Specialty certification assistance

Staff members are encouraged to become certified in their specialty, such as oncology certified nurses, med-surg, critical care, and emergency nursing

Tuition reimbursement and loan repayment

Up to $5,000 in tuition loan repayment (pre-tax benefit) after satisfactorily completing six months of employment and when actively paying RN degree student loans (associates or bachelor’s degree in nursing)

See why BMC has been named a best place to work

At BMC, we’re reimagining healthcare – and are dedicated to providing exceptional care to our employees too.

Award-winning benefits that work for you across health, financial wellness, and wellbeing.

BMC is a really special place. People who work here derive meaning and purpose from our work. It’s important to us that our patients feel like they matter — because they do. I come home every night and feel like I’m making a difference.

Tara, mental health counselor

Our professional practice

Boston Medical Center (BMC) nurses have developed and adopted a professional practice model that reflects the care the nurses provide to our patients and can be found in all that we do.

Our model provides a unifying framework that captures what matters the most in our nurses’ practice: commitment to patient-centered care, our care delivery model, and shared governance.

Using the patient-centered care model, over 1,700 nurses in our system are driven to prioritize patient needs and demonstrate and deliver exceptional care, without exception on a daily basis.