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Centering Co-facilitator and Case Manager

Location: Boston, MA
Post Date: 7/31/2020


Centering Co-Facilitation

  • Perform administrative tasks related to forming new groups and monitoring on-going groups
  • Conduct reminder phone calls and follow-up with patients who miss group in coordination with Medical Assistants
  • Assist Providers and Medical Assistants in session planning including selecting and prepping session activities and preparing Centering room & supplies
  • Assist in maintaining program materials and space
  • Facilitate group activities and discussions
  • Adhere to group guidelines and Centering principles to ensure fidelity to the model
  • Assist in data collection and entry to monitor the performance of the Centering Pregnancy Program
  • Assist in orientation/training of new staff members on Centering model

Case Management

  • Conduct outreach and collaborate with clinic & Centering staff to identify patients for case management
  • Perform needs assessments and provide resource guidance & referrals, care coordination, health education, and psychosocial support for identified patients
  • Monitor patient progress towards meeting identified needs throughout prenatal and postpartum care
  • Empower patients by linking them to a broad range of social services including but not limited to baby supplies, financial assistance, child-care, housing, food, and transportation as appropriate
  • Identify and appropriately refer patients needing additional support to Social Work or Mental Health in collaboration with their primary provider
  • Track patients and provide needed support to ensure patients receive the full continuum of maternity care and are linked back to their Primary Care Provider and their child's pediatric provider for care throughout the lifetime
  • Follow-up with patients in a very active manner, reminding them of appointments, plans, or activities discussed
  • Serve as a resource in the OB/Gyn Clinic on BMC and community resources to address social determinants of health
  • Work closely with other BMC and community services addressing social determinants of health to improve referral pathways for patients, including identifying opportunities to collaborate with other care coordination, navigator/patient advocate, and case management programs at BMC and in the community to improve continuity of care for patients
  • Attend relevant community forums, trainings, and meetings related to maternal and newborn health and community resources

Quality Assurance and Program Development

  • Perform and maintain all documentation of patient encounters, attempts at contact, and other patient interventions and interactions in the electronic medical record or other tracking systems as appropriate
  • Gather, enter, and summarize program data including utilizing the EMR to conduct chart reviews, completing program forms, and using excel and the CenteringCounts database
  • Work with the Ob/Gyn Clinic leadership and Centering Director to further develop and systematize the case management program


  • Participate in multidisciplinary/staff/team meetings and activities
  • Conform to hospital standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights and privacy
  • Utilize hospital's cultural beliefs as the basis for decision making and to support the hospital's mission and goals
  • Follow established hospital infection control and safety procedures
  • Remain knowledgeable of and follows appropriate policies, procedures, and work standards
  • Promote a positive and collaborative work environment supportive of the hospital's and team's missions and goals.
  • Adapt to changing departmental needs, including but not limited to, offering assistance to other team members, adjusting assignments, and other functions as determined by supervisors
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Perform other duties as specified by supervisors

Must adhere to all of BMC's RESPECT behavioral standards.

(The above statements in this job description are intended to depict the general nature and level of work assigned to the employee(s) in this job. The above is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of accountable duties and responsibilities required).


Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) required.


Centering Co-facilitator Training completion required within first 3 months of hire


1+ years of relevant experience including community outreach/social service/case management/health educational activities, preferably in maternal and child health


  • Experience working in maternal & child health
  • Knowledge of Boston and Boston area neighborhoods and community, social, and health resources, particularly maternal and child health-related resources
  • Knowledge of or experience with CenteringPregnancy preferred
  • Experience in case management or as a community health worker preferred
  • Expertise in establishing working relationships with patients, their family, professionals, and the community, including the ability to collaborate with a multidisciplinary health care team
  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point)
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment, including strong organizational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Bilingual or multi-lingual skills (especially in Spanish or Haitian Creole) preferred
  • Demonstrated flexibility with evolving priorities and needs
  • Demonstrated ability to make informed judgments regarding patient care
  • Excellent cultural sensitivity including sensitivity to ethnic, cultural, gender, and sexual orientation diversity; values; beliefs; and behaviors
  • Working knowledge of medical terminology
  • Ability to complete Centering Healthcare Institute Basic Facilitation Workshop


Employees in this position must be competent to provide patient care to the following age groups: Check all that apply:

? Neonatal: Birth to 1 month

? Infant: To 1 yrs

? Toddler: 1 to 3 yrs

? Pre-school: 3 - 6 yrs

? School age: 6 - 12 yrs

? Adolescent: 12 - 18 yrs

? Young Adult: 18 - 30 yrs

? Middle age: 30 - 60 yrs

? Elderly: 60 - over

? Not Applicable

SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS (Responsible for on-call, 24 hr. coverage, etc.):

May include evening hours as needed

External and internal applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled as defined under the Americans With Disabilities Act, must be able to perform the essential job functions (as listed) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by management on a case-by-case basis.


This form is used to assist departments in identifying the physical and environmental demands of the position:

Physical Demands

Hours at one time

Total Hours per day

Without Accommodations














Bending Neck

Twisting Neck

Bending Waist (Forward or sideways)

Twisting Waist





Repetitive Movement: Hand

Simple grasping: 1 hand__ both__

Power grasping: 1 hand__ both__

Fine Manipulation:1 hand__ both__

Pushing/Pulling: 1 hand__ both__

Reaching above shoulder height

Reaching below shoulder height

Moving items weighing up to 10 lbs.

Moving items weighing 11 - 25 lbs.

Moving items weighing 26 - 50 lbs.

Moving items weighing 51 - 75 lbs.

Moving items weighing 76 - 100 lbs.

Moving items weighing over 100 lbs.

Environmental Demands (Check all that apply)

Extreme Cold (below 32 degrees) Source__________________________________________________ Extreme Heat (above 100 degrees) Source__________________________________________________ Noise (Need to shout to be heard) Source__________________________________________________ Vibration Source__________________________________________________ Exposure to dust, gas, fumes, steam, chemicals Source__________________________________________________ Work outdoors (no effective protection from weather) Work at heights (such as scaffolding or ladders) Protective equipment required (Respirator, earplugs, mask, gloves, eyewear, etc) ______________________________ Potential exposure to infectious diseases. None (Not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions).

Req ID: 15907