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Post-Doctoral Fellow - Health Economics

Location: Boston, MA
Post Date: 4/20/2020
The Section of Infectious Diseases is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow with a background in health economics and an interest in conducting comparative economic evaluations of substance use disorder interventions. The postdoctoral fellow will be an essential member of a team of investigators conducting an economic evaluation of the Massachusetts site of the HEALing Communities Study, a large-scale, multi-site study to reduce opioid overdose deaths, currently funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The team will be collecting and analyzing economic and resource utilization data, evaluating short- and long-term cost-effectiveness of the intervention, and employing simulation modeling to generate long-term sustainability data and cost-effectiveness. An existing compartmental simulation model which includes state-specific estimates of disease prevalence, admissions to treatment facilities, and overdose deaths will be adapted to project population-level outcomes over time. The fellow will be responsible for coordinating and supervising data collection by research assistants and employing the existing simulation model, using intervention effects observed in the trial, with the help of a computer programmer and a data analyst. The fellow will have the opportunity to be responsible for independent areas of research within these projects.

The postdoctoral fellow will work with a multidisciplinary team of leading faculty experts in the field and under the supervision of the Health Economics Core Director, Dr. Joshua Barocas. This team includes numerous members of the leadership of the Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder, HCV, and HIV (CHERISH), a multi-institutional Center of Excellence, funded by NIDA. The Center's mission is to develop and disseminate health economic research on healthcare utilization, health outcomes, and health-related behaviors that informs substance use disorder treatment policy and HCV and HIV care of people who use substances.


  • Coordinate and monitor cost data acquisition by a team of research assistants
  • Lead analysis of economic and resource utilization data
  • Use an established computer simulation model to perform cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Interpret model results to draw conclusions about intervention sustainability and cost-effectiveness
  • Write and edit manuscripts at various stages of development
  • Maintain project records and ensure adherence to established timelines
  • Balance multiple competing priorities and tasks
  • Assist with project documentation, reporting, presentations, and preparation of manuscripts
  • Maintain and update project and regulatory files, including IRBs, as necessary


Tasks related to routine administration of research projects including meeting attendance, minutes and notes, scheduling, and logistics of travel may be required.

Must adhere to all of BMC's RESPECT behavioral standards.


Must currently hold a doctoral degree in economics, health economics, or in a relevant area of study or will receive such a degree prior to starting this position. Background in health economics, health policy, and/or health decision science is preferred.


Previous experience conducting economic evaluations.


  • Methodological expertise in econometrics, pharmaco-economics, or a related area
  • Familiarity with substance use disorders and related conditions
  • Previous experience with microsimulation and model-based cost-effectiveness research desired
  • Cultural sensitivity and ability to work well with individuals from diverse social, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds
  • Excellent English communication skills, including comfort with public speaking and strong formal writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, professionalism, and collaborative spirit
  • Organizational ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently and to prioritize duties
  • Must be able to maintain strict protocols of all confidential or sensitive information

Req ID: 15223