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Certified Nursing Assistant - Med-Surg (32 hours, Permanent Nights, E-O Weekend)

Location: Boston, MA
Post Date: 4/2/2020
This is a 36 bed medical unit caring for geriatrics, cardiology Med/Surg and CCU team general medical patients. 6 West is the Flolan & Remodulin floor. These medications are used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension and Raynauds disease. Patients receiving these medications come to 6 West because nurses receive specialized training in these medications and pumps.

6W is a designated pilot unit for the Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) program. The NICHE is the premier national geriatric nursing program that addresses the needs of hospitalized older adults. NICHE works to ensure that adults age 65 and over receive care that promotes function, autonomy, and dignity. They are the leading nurse-driven program designed to address the complex needs of older adults (


Clinical Practice: Under the direction of the registered nurse (RN), performs a variety of appropriately delegated patient care interventions for patients and their families within the scope of his/her role.

Collaborates with the RN throughout the shift to determine the appropriate work assignment and priorities as well as communicates the status of delegated task completion and outcomes of patient data findings to the RN throughout the shift.

Maintains timely ongoing verbal communication with RN throughout the shift regarding patient condition. Notifies RN immediately of any significant change in a patient's condition and/or monitoring alarms (for example: change in vital signs, change in patient's mental status, abnormal blood sugar, patient fall, patient concerns with care).

Upon initial contact with patients, visitors, and staff, identifies self as a CNA and introduces self to patient by name. Wears appropriate name badge which identifies self as a CNA.

Accurately collects and records patient data (vital signs, intake and output, blood sugar, weights, restraint care/monitoring, other) and complies with hospital documentation standards to ensure a complete and accurate patient record.

Accurately interprets & utilizes medical abbreviations and terminology in accordance with hospital policy.

Initiates a prompt response to all patient call lights and seeks assistance from co-workers as appropriate.

Assists with admission, discharge, and transfer of patients as appropriate for the inpatient or ambulatory area patients. Prepares room for admission and ensures patients have appropriate identification bands upon admission and throughout their hospitalization. Transports patients and their belongings, equipment and supplies, as needed as part of the transfer/discharge process.

Makes routine patient room rounds to address patient needs.

Provides and/or assists with basic hygiene including but not limited to: bathing, dressing, mouth care, shaving, whirlpool baths, perineal and bowel care, foley care, application of condom catheters, emptying urinals and ostomy bags and other associated hygiene tasks.

Provides basic skin care including but not limited to:, back rubs, routine diabetic foot care, application of non-medicated ointments, application of elastic stockings, ace wraps, and venodynes, turning and repositioning patients every two hours, and other associated tasks.

Sets up patients for meals and assists them with feeding and opening food containers; maintaining calorie counts and recording intake/output measures (I and Os).

Performs basic oral suctioning.

Performs post mortem care.

Assists nurse/health team members during simple and complex treatments or procedures.

Provides basic preoperative care and readies the patient for the OR in conjunction with the RN.

Collects, labels, and sends/transports specimens with the appropriate lab slips/requisitions.

When ambulating patients uses safe and proper technique, applies safety devices using hydraulic lifts or bed scale as needed.

When providing one-on-one (1:1) or one-on-two (1:2) patient care, performs the duties of the CNA for the patient assigned.

Identifies emergency / crisis situations and initiates appropriate response actions within the scope of her/his role, including immediate communication of such events to the registered nurse.

Performs basic patient testing, including but not limited to: tests for guaiac, sugar and acetone, urine pH, glucose finger stick, O2 saturation, leg/girth measurements, visual acuity tests, peak flow tests, etc.

Support Services: Under the direction of the RN, works cooperatively with all health care team members to provide a variety of support services to meet patient, family, and staff needs within the scope of his/her role.

Addresses patient comfort and information needs by providing informative, non-clinical information to patients and families, orienting patients/visitors to the hospital, unit, patient room services, distributing patient mail/flowers, arranging room to ensure necessary personal care items are available & accessible (includes call light), distributes nourishments, changes linens & clothing, refills ice packs, perfoms patient errands or other duties as assigned by the RN.

Answers the telephone identifying unit, self & role; responds to caller's need within the scope of role, or takes and delivers messages in a timely manner. In conjunction with the RN. responsible for initiating patient belongings tracking form and for properly securing patient belongings in accordance to hospital policy. Consults with RN if patient refuses to secure their belongings or have their belongings sent home with family member or friend.

Work Rules, Standards, & Competency Compliance: Acts in a manner that supports a positive and collaborative work environment and that is congruent with established standards, policies, procedures, and regulations within the scope of his/her role .

Works cooperatively with all staff members and takes appropriate steps to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Seeks assistance from RN or Off-Shift Nurse Manager as needed.

Participates in staff meetings and appropriate inservices. Responsible for reading and reviewing minutes and clinical updates on the unit. Maintains accurate education record in Healthstream. Maintains competencies required to perform the role.

Complies with established practice standards, policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines, and regulations, (for example: DPH, JCAHO, Boston fire codes, OSHA).

Reviews and is knowledgeable of appropriate policies, procedures and work rules.

Dresses appropriately according to dress code requirements, including wearing uniform and visible hospital I.D. badge while on duty.

Adapts to changing patient and unit needs including but not limited to: offers assistance to other team members, floating, adjusting assignments, etc.

Communicates with charge nurse/Off-Shift Nurse Manager to coordinate break periods with unit activities. Maintains visibility on the unit and does not leave work area without appropriate notification to the charge nurse/RN.

Delivers care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to and demonstrates respect for patient diversity.

Acts in a manner that protects confidentiality of patient, employee and hospital information at all times.

Care of Unit Environment, Equipment, Materials and Supplies: Performs a variety of environmental and inventory activities to ensure a safe, clean and appropriately equipped environment for patients, visitors and staff within the scope of his/her role.

Initiates and performs spot and spill cleaning as needed, including biological spills. Assists with locating and transporting equipment for periodic sonic cleaning.

Makes routine room rounds to unclutter, clean, and organize patient rooms/areas when needed.

Checks inventories, and restocks/replaces/assembles patient equipment and supplies.

Appropriately disposes of trash, soiled linens, medical waste & disposable items.

Performs regular quality checks per policies to ensure that equipment is operating properly and has current safety inspections/expiration dates before patient use. Identifies broken/expired equipment/supplies; removes from service, and notifies RN. Provides equipment delivery to appropriate repair sites as requested.

Maintains appropriate equipment logs and records.

Performs initial cleaning/decontamination of equipment/materials, e.g., removing reusable equipment from isolation rooms, and arranges for terminal cleaning as appropriate.

Provides basic patient equipment care including but not limited to: changing hearing aide batteries, cleaning/preparing breast pumps, etc.


Perform other duties as needed.

Interprets/translates for patients/family/visitors when conversant in her/his native language.

Utilizes hospital's values as the basis for decision making and to facilitate the division's hospital mission.

Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures.

Performs all other duties as assigned.

High school diploma or GED certificate. Also requires one year of previous experience as a nursing assistant, or is enrolled in a nursing program and has completed at least one clinical rotation or successful completion of an approved certified nursing assistant training program or equivalent work/education experience.

Requires one year of previous experience as a nursing assistant in an acute hospital setting, or is enrolled in a nursing program and has completed at least one clinical rotation or successful completion of an approved certified nursing assistant training program.


  • Ability to effectively speak, read and write using the English language; Multilingual skills (beyond that of English) in languages appropriate to the patient populations served by the Medical Center is preferred.
  • Ability to perform basic math and quantitative measurements, e.g., obtain height and weight, abdominal girths, measure urine output, calorie counts, etc
  • Ability to accurate interpret and utilize basic medical terminology and abbreviations.
  • Ability to enter and retrieve computerized information/data. Ability to use Microsoft Outlook.
  • Ability to pass clinical competency testing and basic math and abbreviation test.
  • Physical ability to push, transfer, and pull heavy loads (e.g. independently transport average-sized patient via wheelchair and stretcher, etc.) throughout assigned shift.
  • Physical ability to meet core job requirements in accordance with practice setting demands for the patient populations regularly served.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to interact appropriately with nursing staff, patients, families/visitors, physicians, and other hospital staff.
  • Organizational skills to set priorities and efficiently complete assigned work.
  • Ability to manage stress related to patient care issues, and changing organizational climate and personnel issues.

Req ID: 14914

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