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Medical Dosimetrist (Senior-Staff)- Physics (FT, 40 hrs, Days)

Location: Boston, MA
Post Date: 4/2/2020
Under direct supervision of Chief of Physics, senior dosimetrist provides comprehensive treatment plans for patients undergoing radiation therapy. Senior dosimetrist also plays a strategic role in the overall organizational restructuring of the dosimetry process and procedures and takes a significant role in distribution of work assignments among the dosimetry team members. The medical dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has knowledge of the overall characteristics of radiation oncology treatment machines and equipment, is cognizant of procedures commonly used in in treatment of cancer patients (e.g., 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SRS/SBRT, Brachytherapy) and has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with clinical team.

    Essential Responsibilities:

    • Design a treatment plan by means of computer and/or manual computation that will deliver a prescribed radiation dose and field placement technique in accordance with the radiation oncologist's prescription to a defined tumor volume.
    • Perform monitor unit/timer setting dose calculations using manual or software based systems.
    • Identify and contour normal and critical anatomical structures using various imaging modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, US).
    • Consider dose-limiting structures in the design of treatment plans and document dose in accordance with the radiation oncologist's prescription.
    • Perform rigid or deformable image fusion of various imaging technologies as requested and/or necessary.
    • Coordinate treatment simulations and tumor localization on dedicated devices, including CT, MRI, and PET when indicated for radiation oncology treatment planning.
    • Perform or assist in the planning of the fabrication of compensation filters, custom shields, wedges, and other beam modifying devices.
    • Perform or assist in the planning and construction of the production of molds, casts and other immobilization devices.
    • Consult with the therapy, physics and physician team members and advice in designing optimal treatment positioning and associated treatment aids for the patient.
    • Instruct the therapist staff on the implementation of the treatment plan including the correct use of compensators, wedges, field arrangement, and other treatment variables.
    • Perform treatment planning and calculations for the accurate delivery of the radiation oncologist's prescribed dose, document all pertinent information in the patient record, electronically or otherwise, and verify the mathematical accuracy of all calculations using a system established by the medical physicist.
    • Conduct all necessary quality assurance practices on treatment plans as established by department policy and procedures.
    • Fulfill all quality assurance and documentation requirements for patients enrolled under various trials, study and protocols and perform/assist with data collection and submission.
    • Perform or assist in the application of specific methods of dosimetry including ion chamber, TLD, or film measurement as directed by the medical physicist.
    • Perform or assist in performing pre-treatment and continuous quality assurance checks of the patient treatment plans and ensure treatment deliveries occur according to approved treatment plan.
    • Attend, participate and present cases in chart rounds, tumor boards and other multi-disciplinary conferences as requested.
    • Assist in intra-cavitary and interstitial Brachytherapy procedures and in the subsequent manual and/or computer calculation of the dose distributions of these treatments.
    • Teach applied aspects of medical dosimetry to students and residents as assigned.
    • Comply with all billing, coding and reimbursement requirements and ensure appropriate documentation necessary for the submitted procedure codes.
    • Participate in clinical research for the development and implementation of new techniques.
    • Assist faculty members with clinical/academic projects in areas of treatment planning, documentation and identifying patient databases.
    • Actively participate in continuing education in the area of current treatment planning techniques, and advances in medical dosimetry.


    • Hold a Bachelor's Degree in addition to certification requirement below.
    • (Active) Certified Medical Dosimetrist by MDCB. For staff positions, a board-eligible status by MDCB will also be considered.
    • Senior position requires more than 5 years active clinical experience as a medical dosimetrist. Staff positions could be considered for individuals with more than 1 year of clinical experience or requirement to graduate from JRCERT accredited dosimetry program

    Req ID: 14051

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